I started making soaps from my kitchen in 2005, after learning the importance of taking control of not only what we put in our bodies, but also on our bodies. Soap Cartel was born from there in 2012, a small business of handmade artisanal soaps and body products.

Soap Cartel.

I designed the branding, developed the marketing campaign and photographed all of the products in the now defunct; Soap Cartel. I studied aromatherapy and the curative properties of essential oils and researched tirelessly what oils are best for the skin and then I tested and tested and tested again, until I got it just right. You can read more about the business and the motivation behind it here, in an interview I gave my soap making mentor, Marla of Back Porch Soap Company.


Soap Cartel went on to win the Chase sponsored Daily Candy award for Small Business in 2012. Our handmade products were featured in Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine, Forbes.comLonny Magazine, and others.