Professor Hamilton discusses the Racial Wealth Gap and how it affects progress for communities of color.

The Debt Theory.

A form of social inequality that is seldom examined is the lack of consumer credit available to the Hispanic community, as a means of building wealth. This notion inspired the project I aptly titled "The Debt Theory". An episodic documentary, written, directed and produced, and edited by me. The Debt Theory is focused primarily on shining a light on the high price paid by those not well versed in money management, credit cards- both acquiring them and using them wisely, and the importance of understanding these as a means for a well-balanced future.  Serving the community and empowering those that do not have the resources that enable them to advocate for themselves; those are the voices I want to represent through my work. 

Inwood is known for its predominantly Dominican population. According to a City University of New York Graduate Center study, the Dominican diaspora started settling in around 1980 and really grew by 1990 into the 2000s. Before then the area was largely Irish, according to the book, The New York Irish. The CUNY study noted that after 2000, Dominicans accounted for more than 50% of the Latino population in the area.